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The 6th annual GNOME User and Developer European Conference (GUADEC) will bring developers, GNOME Foundation leaders, individuals, businesses and governments, as well as Free Software and Open Source software users together in Stuttgart, Germany from the 29th to the 31st of May

The conference is a unique forum that highlighs the capabilities and direction of GNOME - the user environment for desktop computers, networked servers and portable Internet devices. GUADEC will also feature meaningful discussions of the future direction of Free Software and Open Source development in general.

The History of GUADEC

This is the sixth year in which the developers and users of GNOME will gather in person to discuss the future direction of the project, and to spread word of GNOME and the benefits of Free Software.

The story of GUADEC begins in Paris in 1998, where a number of GNOME developers thought it might be nice to finally meet in real life some of the people they had worked with via the internet.

Four years later, GUADEC 5 in Kristiansand, Norway brought together more than 500 people, with a dazzling array of keynote speakers from disparate sectors such as government and education, as well as GNOME community leaders. We were also pleased to welcome several key KDE and FreeDesktop.org developers, resulting in some important advances in desktop interoperability for GNU/Linux and Unix.

This year, GUADEC will continue on this path, and one of the key focusses of the conference will be how we can better integrate with the lower levels of the operating system, as well as with other desktop environments, to provide a seamless desktop computing experience.

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