Social Events

Speaker's Reception, hosted by Nokia and Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart (WRS)

Sat, 28 May, 7 pm at Kunstgebäude Schloßplatz 2

Directions: Take the trams U5-U7, 15 to Schloßplatz where the New and Old Palace are. The reception is in the building with a golden deer on the top.

Hans-Ulrich Schmid of the Baden Württemberg Regional Government will welcome the Speakers to Stuttgart.

Dr. Ari Jaaksi, Director, Open Source Software Operations, Nokia will make a presentation at the reception of the new Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

Due to limited space, only speakers, board members and organisers are invited. Sorry!

Tour of Medieval City, Esslingen

Stuttgart is surrounded by forests and vineyards. This tour leads along the river Neckar and the vineyards to Esslingen - a former Free Imperial Town with a 1200-year-old history. Its medieval centre, with numerous imposing churches, cloisters of open monasteries, gates, towers, fortified remains of the old city defenses, and the Old Town Hall with its impressive Renaissance-style facade and the delightful carillon (29 bells). Esslingen is the only city in the Stuttgart region whose medieval centre has been maintained as a compact whole. The trip will also include a guided walking tour through the town centre on a city walk.

Tickets should be purchased by Friday, 6 May on the GUADEC Registration site, to reserve your seat(s) on the bus.

Novell GUADEC Party at Suite 212, Monday May 30th.

There is enough space for 300 to 500 GUADEC participants, and regular people will be there too. This will be fun.

Here are some pictures of the Suite 212 interior.

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