Getting to GUADEC

The GUADEC 2005 will be held in the Haus der Wirtschaft in central Stuttgart, Germany. It is a couple of minutes walk from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), by following the yellow line in the map above.

Map of Stuttgart city center

Map of Stuttgart city center

Travelling by Air

Fly to Stuttgart Airport with any of these airlines.
You can also travel to one of the following airports and go by train from there:

Fly with Lufthansa

For people wishing to travel with Lufthansa, the GNOME Foundation has arranged a special global conference fare with a 10 to 20 Percent discount (depending on the class of travel). This is valid for any published (in the Computer Reservation System) fare for travel originating internationally and on Lufthansa operated services only. Travel wholly within Germany is not permitted because there are a number of attractive airfares publically available. Please refer to GGAIRLHCONGRESS and quote the access code LH05STR649. This fare will be offered to GUADEC participants at Lufthansa sales and reservations offices worldwide. Note, to take advantage of this fare you must have official confirmation of your registration to the event or some other proof of attendance available.
In Germany please call 01803-803-803. In North America please call 1-800-645 3880.

If you are travelling from Europe, you might instead want to take one of inexpensive GermanWings connections from London, Budapest, Istanbul, Krakow, Lisbon, Madrid, Palma, Rome, Thessalonika, Vienna, Warsaw, Zagreb, or others to Stuttgart.

Transport to/from Stuttgart Airport

From To Directions
Airport Main station Take S2 (towards Schorndorf) or S3. Get off at Hauptbahnhof
Airport Youth Hostel Take S2 (towards Schorndorf) or S3. Change at Hauptbahnhof, taking U15 towards Ruhbank. Get off at Eugensplatz.
Main station Airport Take S2 towards Filderstadt or S3 towards Flughafen (Airport). Get off at Flughafen.
Youth Hostel Airport Take U15 towards Stammheim. Change at Hauptbahnhof, taking S2 towards Filderstadt or S3 towards Flughafen (Airport). Get off at Flughafen.

Travelling by Train

Use the online planner to find route details.

Transport from the Train station to the Youth Hostel.

From To Directions
Main station Youth Hostel Take U15 towards Ruhbank. Get off at Eugensplatz.
Youth Hostel Main station Take U15 towards Stammheim. Get off at Hauptbahnhof.

Travelling by Car

See the GUADEC Wiki to find or offer a car share.

Using the Local Transport

The following ticket options are available (unfortunately, all links are German language only):

The homepage of the local transport is here:

Walking From The Main Station

Leave the Hauptbahnhof through the main entrance walking downstairs into the subway station:

Walk ahead and you'll see a shop selling natural products. It has advertisings saying "Bio-Discount Naturkost" and is impossible to miss.

Leave the subway station via the escalator in front of that shop. (Follow the man in the black coat.)

Upstairs walk ahead, then turn right into the Königsstrasse. The Königsstrasse is a large, pedestrian-only street with many shops, you'll recognize it right away.

Keep straight on the Königsstrasse for a long way.

At some point, you will also pass this old building, the Königsbau. Walk along, nothing worth seeing here ;).

Shortly after that, you will see this book shop, named "Wittwer". It has a huge sign reading "Buchhaus Wittwer". Behind it, turn right.

After that you will already see another stairway straight ahead, leading into a pedestrian tunnel. Pass through the tunnel, you are almost there.

When you leave the tunnel you can already see the Haus der Wirtschaft. Be careful when crossing the street.

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