GUADEC 2005 Multimedia Track

This year GUADEC will feature a special multimedia track to focus the developments happening with multimedia and Free Software. As traditional software gets bogged down with licensing battles and patent claims, free formats and technologies are gaining traction.

The Multimedia track pulls in the leading forces in Open Source multimedia including, creators of popular Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora multimedia formats. Fluendo S.L. creators of the Flumotion Streaming Server and sponsors of GStreamer and development. Industry leaders such as BBC will be there to talk about their efforts, like their next generation Dirac video codec and Nokia will be there to talk about their involvement with Open Source software. Interesting projects such as Annodex, Pitivi and GNOME Meeting will also be presented during the conference.

Multimedia Track Program

Sunday 29th May:

Pitivi - Edward Hervey presents the Pitivi Non-linear video editor. Utilizing the GStreamer framework this non-linear editor is already showing great promise. The talk will present the basics of video editing, how this is approached in GStreamer and GNonlin libraries and integration opportunities between Pitivi and other Free Software projects like Gimp and Cinepaint. - Ralph Giles presents the work being done by on creating open and royalty free video formats. Contents include current situation and upcoming developments from Xiph. Ralph will also talk about the Theora video format which he is the maintainer of.

GStreamer - Wim Taymans presents GStreamer the de-facto standard multimedia framework for GNU/Linux systems. This will be a highly technical talk focusing on the design goals for the newly released 0.10 release series and roadmap for development towards GStreamer 1.0. Anyone who have worked and plan on working on something multimedia related in GNOME should be sure to catch this talk in order to be aware of how GStreamer 0.10/1.0 differs from the 0.8.x release series.

Annodex - Conrad Parker presents Annodex a revolutionary new system for hyperlinking multimedia. The Annodex technology aims at creating a self-sustaining community of people based around a compelling mode of interaction with digital media. This Continuous Media Web is composed of time-continuous data - video such as self-published home movies, webcam streams and news feeds, and audio including music and Internet radio. It is orthogonal to the existing text based Web and links cross over from either side easily.

Dirac - Thomas Davies presents the work BBC have been doing developing a next generation video compresion codec called Dirac. Dirac will be available royalty free and offer state of the art video quality. Dirac will also use the AAF and MXF container formats for easy integration with leading video editing packages.

Tuesday 31th May:

Flumotion - Thomas Vander Stichele presents the Flumotion Streaming Server. He will talk about the development and practical programming lessons learnt doing a distributed multimedia streaming server in the versatile python programming language. He will also do short demoes of current functionality. Flumotion is the streaming server used to stream the GUADEC conference the last two years.

GNOME Meeting - VoIP - Damien Sandras presents the latest news and development on GNOME Meeting the Voice over IP solultion for GNOME.

Digital Photography in GNOME - Hubert Figuière presents the technologies available in GNOME for handling digital cameras and what features are on the horizon. As digital cameras are becoming more and more common a modern desktop environment needs to offer good support for these devices and for manipulating the photos extracted from them.

Nokia and Open Source - Yannick Pellet of Nokia will present some of the work they have been doing with Open Source at Nokia focusing especially on the work they have been doing with GNOME and GStreamer related technologies.

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